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Day 1

Tech and Info

As soon as publisher updates ads.txt and install our code, our demand partners get information that there is a new inventory waiting for an ad feed.

However, info update takes some time and it is completely normal if there is no much advertiser’s activity at the first day.

Day 2

Trial Starts

Advertisers start to make first buyings to test traffic from the new publishers.

After first traffic is tested to be decent, publisher is approved to the moderation waiting list.

Some of the advertisers have short lists, some have longer lists. Biggest ones have long lists that are moderated manually. It normally takes 15 days for all advertisers to approve publishers.

Day 7

Almost There

During the first week we normally experience campaigns up and running, however some of the biggest demand advertisers out there might have longer moderation time.

Day 15

Game Time

The biggest players come into game and real bidding starts to build-up CPM.

That is when Highest CPM and fillrate is acquired and everything begins to work 100%.

Day 30

First Month

At this point first payment bill is counted and stored for the future NET60 payoff.

Day 90


The day we issue payment for the first 30 days of partnership preriod.



The longer publisher stays with us, the more benefit is generated as new advertisers are added constantly and bidding becomes even more competitive.

Endless monetization opportunities with Viads video ads – Join us.

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